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Located in a privileged environment entirely private, Leelawadeeparada institute of well-being is the essential address of the massage. Accompanied by a qualified professional staff, and a 12 years experience in this field, as well as an excellent reputation. Do not hesitate to make an appointment.

Massage exclusively non erotic!

  • 1/2 hour Chf 50.-

  • 1 hour Chf 80.-

  • 1 1/2 hours Chf 120.-

  • 2 hours Chf 150.-

  • 1/2 hour four hands Chf 100.-

  • 1 hour four hands Chf 150.-

  • Possibility of taking a shower before, and after massages

The Beginning... Au commencement...

Wat Phra Chetuphan, better known as Wat Pho, is a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, considered the birthplace of Thai massage. In this place are statues of hermits practicing various gestures of the self-massage method known as Rishi Dat Ton. In 1691, in the kingdom of Siam, Simon de la Loubère reports that «when someone is sick in Siam, he begins to soften the whole body by someone who is heard in this, who climbs on the body of sick, and the crowd at the feet».
Thai massage covers the entire body. This massage is based on the concept of energy lines related to the body. If these energy lines are blocked, it causes a health problem, such as stress, high blood pressure or fever. When the body does not go, the mind is weak too. To cure such diseases, the traditional massage aims to release blocked energy lines. The suffering parts are pressed with the thumbs to favor the circulation of energy.
Massage practitioners can be men or women, but most are women. The important qualifications of people who work as a masseur or masseuse, it is essential to be trained and certified.

oO Leelawadee Institute Wellness oO

Is a privileged address.

Professional experience of more than twelve years, private and located in a very prominent area in Lausanne.

Calm, serenity and benevolence are at the meeting,

Relaxation, deep relaxation in peace and privacy.

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